Silverlight – Error when changing the application library cache setting

I’m working on a Silverlight project whose XAP file was over 1.4 MB, which was larger than I wanted. One of the websites I saw suggested changing the value of the property “Reduce XAP file size by using application library caching”. This sounded like a good plan. BTW, the property can be viewed by selecting your Silverlight project and selecting Project, Properties…

But like even the best of plans, there was a problem. When I built the solution, I got this error:

"The file cannot be checked out for editing because this would cause it to be reloaded, 
and reloads are not currently allowed for this file."

The in my case was ScottsRockinSweetProject.csproj. Or something to that effect.

The solution was pretty easy. I right clicked on my web project and selected Check Out for Edit. Then I selected the ScottsRockinSweetProject.csproj file and checked it out. After I rebuilt the solution, all was well.

And, my XAP file was under 700 KB, so the property definitely helped.

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