Error: Row not found or changed

There I was, minding my own business, when I got this message:

Row not found or changed.

Apparently, my LINQ to SQL objects were rebelling, and I needed to put the smackdown on them. (I found not one, but two useful posts on it.) I did that by adding the “UpdateCheck = UpdateCheck.Never” to each of the properties in the designer.cs file, under the dbml file, that declared all the wonderful things inside my object model. So here is an example of one of the properties after I made the change:

[Column(Storage = "_ImageText", UpdateCheck = UpdateCheck.Never, DbType = "NVARCHAR(1000)", CanBeNull = false)]
  public string ImageText
    return this._ImageText;
    if ((this._ImageText != value))
     this._ImageText = value;
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