Removing duplicate entries from a string

I had a string whose chances of having duplicate items was rather high. But, I needed to reduce that change to zero. I came across Ali Raza’s site, and he had a solution for VB.NET. It uses an ArrayList, and my preferred weapon of choice is a List. My question was how to join items in the List into one big string. I came across dotnetperls for that piece of the puzzle, and here is the final bunch:

// existingIds is semicolon-delimited string
string[] list = existingIds.Split(';');
List<string> duplicates = new List<string>() { };
for (int i = 0; i < list.Length; i++)
     if (!duplicates.Contains(list[i]))
Session["RecentDocs"] = string.Join(";", duplicates.ToArray());
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