Removing a .NET Session variable with JavaScript

Want to clear an ASP.NET session variable from JavaScript? Of course you do – all the cool developers are doing it. First, create a JavaScript function that uses an XMLHttpRequest class to make a web service request:

function clearSession() 

  var xmlVar = new XMLHttpRequest();  

  xmlVar .open("GET", "", false); 

  xmlVar .send(null);  


Yes, I named the service function name “Woohoo”.

And you’ll need a way to call your new function, so a button would be nice:

  <input type="button" id="btnClear" value="Clear Session" onclick="clearSession()" />

Finally, you’ll need a new Web Service file to the project called Service.asmx.  Inside the service file, add the best web service name ever:

 public void Woohoo()

So there you go.

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