Visual Studio DLL name, why won’t you change?

So I decided that my project name sucked, and I wanted to change it into something different. I went ahead and renamed all the references in my KimKardashian project to EngelbertHumperdink. Everything – class references, project and solution names – you name it, I changed. Yet when I build my project, I continued to see the KimKardashian.dll file in the bin directory.

So I had to think outside the normal “Replace All” paradigm, going for a win-win  and synergize with myself. What I came up was is a healthy disgust of office buzzwords. But what I also came up with that the csproj file was what I needed. I went into my EngelbertHumperdink.csproj file and found two elements, RootNamespace and AssemblyName, and they had my nemesis:



A quick name-change and rebuild and all was well. Long live Engelbert Humperdink!

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