Optionally hiding columns in Reporting Services

One of these things is not like the other. My customer was intensely interested in Inspector Gadget, and had a SSRS report to tell them all about it. So we have the three main characters that were selected as the “Character” parameter, and this parameter was multi-select:

Inspector Gadget

There was a column that shouldn’t be visible when only Brain was selected, but should be visible if all characters were selected, or if Inspector Gadget and / or Penny were selected. I don’t know why, I just work here, living in the 80s. To toggle on the visibility, I wrote this little piece of code. If the count of the parameters is three (all characters were selected), then set the “Hidden” property to “False”. Otherwise, determine if “Brain” was one of the selected characters, and if it was, set the “Hidden” property to “True” (hiding the column):

=IIF(Parameters!Characters.Count = 3, False, IIF(Join(Parameters!Characters.Value,”,”).Contains(“Brain”), True, False))

As always, serving your Inspector Gadget / SSRS needs.

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