Why is my model null in the view?

I had created the Index action in my MVC controller. Nothing fancy, just something to get me started:

        public ActionResult Index() {
            Role role = new Role();
            role.Activities = new List<Activity>();
            role.Activities.Add(new Activity(1, "Run"));
            role.Activities.Add(new Activity(2, "Walk"));
            role.Activities.Add(new Activity(3, "Sprint"));
            return View();

Then in my view, I did the simple action of looping through the activities:

@model Web.Models.RoleMode
@using (Html.BeginForm("New", "Roles", FormMethod.Post, new { @class="form-horizontal"})) {
    foreach (var item in Model.Activities) {

However, I was getting an “Object reference not set…” on the Model.

The problem was that I wasn’t passing the model from the controller to the view. See that last line in the controller:

      return View();

What I needed to do was add the model:

      return View(role);

That fixed it.

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