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BlogEngine.NET project locks up

I like BlogEngine.NET for a blogging platform. It’s easy to set up and use, and it appeals to the programmer side of me (which is a very large chunk) because of its extensibility.

But I was having a problem. After I extracted the files from the ZIP file and used the solution once, I could never use the project again – the three projects inside of the BlogEngine.NET solution would say “Initializing…” and would never go beyond that, and Visual Studio would completely freeze.

I found that the Visual Studio Solution User Options file (the last one in the image below) was the problem. I deleted this file, and I was able to open the solution just fine.

BlogEngine.NET files

BlogEngine.NET files


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Use jQuery to remove HTML table rows beyond the first

I had a table that I need to remove all but the first (header) row from. To do that, I just had a bit of jQuery to query all rows greater than (the “gt” operator) the first:



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Converting a string to an enum

I needed to take a string value and convert it to an enum for further processing. My enum was defined like so:

    public enum PinColor {
        white = 0,
        green = 1,
        yellow = 2,
        red = 3

I needed to do some calculations based on the color of the pin that was returned, which was done in a function (not shown). So to return the proper enumeration value for the color red, I needed to use the Enum.Parse method, casting the return value and parameter to my enumeration:

PinColor test = (PinColor)Enum.Parse(typeof(PinColor), "red", true);


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Disabling the native date picker control in Chrome

Chrome is my favorite browser, but I hate the native date picker that it uses when the code detects a field marked as a date. To disable it, just use a tiny little snippet of jQuery code:

$(‘input[type=”date”]’).attr(‘type’, ‘text’);

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